The Yoga Man(ual)

I recently contributed some important tips in Jen Murphy's new book The Yoga Man(ual) intended to provide male practioners directions for their practice. Here is one of the excerpts I contributed to; The Yoga Man(ual) by Jen Murphy is now available for purchase on Amazon.

"I believe the biggest issue for men in yoga today is that they aren't breathing right. Men have to be retrained in how to breathe for yoga. The average American male, especially an athlete or former athlete, has been trained to tighten his abs to attain a six-pack. As a result, men tend to breathe up into their chest but not into their abdomen. Because very few yoga teachers and classes properly emphasize the breath, most men will practice yoga postures in such way that their breathing gets even more constricted. Couple this with the stress of trying to match the shape of their bodies to the pictures they see in yoga magazines and its a recipe for disaster. The problem is that the breath is thrown in and used as a tool to accomplish a pose, instead of the other way around".

Courtesy of  @dovetailpress

Courtesy of @dovetailpress