yes. you can make right living pursuing your dharma

But you might need to change the way you think...

Andrew has started, grown, and sold multiple profitable yoga businesses (And a couple not so profitable but rich in lessons). He successfully directed one of the largest yoga teacher training programs in the country and has consulted for various corporations in the wellness world including MINDBODY, Banyan Botanicals, Kripalu, Yoga Alliance, Equinox, and not to mention hundreds of independent yoga schools and teachers. In his capacity as the Chief Ambassador for Yoga Alliance, the largest yoga teacher association in the west it is Andrew's job to keep his finger on the pulse of the yoga community.

Working with Andrew will teach you how to effectively live your dharma...   and how to make sense of the 21st century wellness world.

Andrew provides 10 hours of pro-bono consulting a month for leaders working or volunteer in underserved and underprivileged communities. If you are one of these amazing humans and are seeking a consultation, please contact us directly here.



Let's be clear if you just finished your RYT200 and don't know how to take the next step into a yoga career, I can only share with you the possible progressions and permutations. You have a long but rewarding road ahead if you want to make a full-time living.  However, if you have been teaching a few years and have classes full of regular students, I can definitely help you get out of the doldrums and rut of the "yoga teacher shuffle" and put you on a path towards a financially fulfilling career. 


Following a review of your in-depth intake survey, you'll receive a 60-minute coaching call where Andrew will guide you to explore and define your vision for deeply. Towards the end of the call he will explain various business models that relate to your particular dharma based on his vast experience in the industry and his intuitive impression. Consulting from Andrew can sometimes take a single call, or at most, up to 3 calls to ensure you walk away with 3-5 clear actions steps that move you along your path. 1 Hour Teacher Consultation - $175


You did it! You are pursuing your dream of owning a studio. You figured if "you built it, they would come" but you are struggling to turn a profit (yes, you deserve to get compensated for your time and energy).

So You Want to Open A Yoga Studio

This book will help existing yoga studio owners and managers go from striving to thriving. Owning a successful yoga business can be a rewarding path-these authors show you how to pursue this dream and at the same time maintaining your own health and well-being. Co-written by Andrew Tanner and Janis Bowersox Purchase on Amazon


For studio owners and managers, Andrew offers a consulting package that includes 2 1-hour calls to provide results. After reviewing your in-depth intake survey, you'll have an initial 60-minute coaching call where Andrew will get clear on your business's most important pain-points. Andrew will then develop 3-5 strategic directives for your business which will be provided to you in written form. Your follow up call will provide you time to ask questions about Andrew's recommendations and get clear on implementation. Andrew is best at helping you lay out the "big picture" and putting a clear, long-term strategy in place. When it comes to executing on the strategy, Andrew typically provides referrals to subject-matter experts (i.e. social media, budgeting, operations, staff management and more). Studio Consulation Package $500, Followup calls can be purchased for $250/hr



As you'll see in the list of past clients below, Andrew has worked with many mindful leaders in the yoga and wellness industry. If you are seeking Andrew's guidance or expertise we highly recommend contacting us directly so we can place you in touch with Andrew for more information. Initial Business Consultation Package (3 hrs of work) begin at $700; Followup calls can be purchased for $300/hour

A few of Andrew's past clients